"We are a multicultural dynamically growing company that specializes in providing business processes and services. Founded in 2004 as a shared services center for a leading global telecommunications company. We have driven our transformation into a full-fledged “Business Process” partner providing services across the Globe.

We improve our customers’ business performance, speed up implementation times and increase customer satisfaction. We can do this separately but we achieve the biggest results through mutual synergy by merging services into one integrated process."



We are a technology company focused on online end-customer experience in automotive aftermarket industry.

We create an e-commerce platform specialized for online car parts selling, with which we have changed the market. We bring a fresh sight into the automotive aftermarket by providing the most advanced technological solution. We push the industry further while making the aftermarket more accessible. We are expanding into other countries and reaching out to tens of millions of users. We also grow as a team and we are constantly looking for new talents.

Our clients operate on Czech, Slovak, Poland, Hungary and Croatia markets.