There are many banks that offer you various types of accounts and products. We have chosen our advice for you, based on our knowledge of Czech bank services and our exprience. We think this may be the best option for you, but if you have some special needs, do not hesitate to ask us. You can find the price list here.


This option is good for you, if you need a Czech acoount and want to have free witdrawals from ATMs all around the world. 


  • No fees for your account
  • No fees for ATM withdrawals around the world
  • You can have an account in CZK and other account in other curencies (EURO, USD...)



  • Czech phone number – For opening the account you have to buy Czech sim card with a Czech phone number, where is going to be sent an activation code.
  • ID card – Take with you at least one of your ID cards. With two of them it can be easier.

At the start of the semester people from Equabank are going to visit us into the campus of VSB - TU Ostrava. If you hesitate we are going to be there for you to help. Watch our Facebook for an Event.