Why you should have Czech bank account?

  • scholarship - Some faculties give exchange students extra scholarship. Do not forget to ask the mobility department of your faculty whether you have the right to obtain some extra money, too. If you do, remember to create the Czech bank account in time because the money must be sent to a Czech bank account
  • like backup, if your card is malfunctioned, lost or stolen
  • using local card is usually cheaper, so you can move bunch of money from your home account and save on taxes and another fees with every pay or ATM withdraw

How you can get one?

Because we make a deal with one of the local banks - Česká spořitelna - to make whole process faster, you'll just do application at beginning of the semester during a special event with bank assistants. VISA debit card will arrive directly to dormitory mailbox.

When the right time comes, you will be contacted by your buddy or follow info on our Facebook fanpage. 

Why we choose Česká spořitelna?

In cooperation with Česká spořitelna we prepare special account what has the best parameters for international students. We used many years practice from the previous students. 


  •  ID/Passport
  •  czech phone number
  •  university e-mail address
  •  confirmation of study - please, do not forget it, it is not possible to open the account without it

The bank account is free. There are no fees or monthly costs. It is special offer for foreign students.

Another bank

Coordinators of some faculty departments may push you to make account at different bank, because they just don't know about Česká spořitelna option we deal - notify them.

Anyway, feel free to choose any other czech bank if you somehow don't want this one, but note that, there isn't knowledge so it's just up to you.