SIM card

Czech Republic have three major telecommunication companies. We cooperate with Vodafone and we negotiated special tariff that is the cheapest with 3GB of data for all international students. We recommend you to buy SIM after arrival to Ostrava. If you are not sure, or need SIM earlier, ask us - ESN or your buddy for advice.

Roaming Like at Home

If you are coming from EU member country, roaming does not apply to you for a short period of time. However it is generaly intended just in case you use your SIM in your home country more than abroad (usually within last 4 months). Please make sure about the specific details with your telecommunication company and have a look at other information as well. You can also read something more about it here.

Vodafone 3GB (ESN tariff)

Special offer to all international students. You can buy this SIM Card either during orientation or afterwards during our office hours.

Pre-paid SIMcard with 25 CZK credit especially designed for incoming foreign students!

  • Bundle with 3 GB and unlimited SMS within the Vodafone CZ network per month within a 50% discount for next 6 months.
  • Minute of calling to 4 selected numbers in all networks in CZ for 1,90 CZK
  • Minute of calling other numbers in CZ for 3,50 CZK
  • SMS for 1,90 CZK
  • MMS for 4,50 CZK
  • Everything in English!

Other recommendations

We believe that 3GB is enough. It is super easy to find free wifi everywhere in Czech Republic and whole university is covered by Eduroam wifi network. But in case you really need more, here is another good option:

Vodafone 15GB (student tariff) - You will need to wait after you got enrolled at our university and have student ISIC card. You also need to be under 27 years old. Then you need to go to Vodafone branch office to buy it. (link to official information in Czech language)