Who is a buddy?

A buddy is a Czech student that helps you with everything, especially before and after arrival and then also during the semester, if needed. It is a student like you, not a university employee, doing everything voluntarily. Therefore, buddies are more like friends than mentors.

What does a buddy do?

A buddy mainly contacts you in advance to give you all the neccessary information. Then, after your arrival, he picks you up at the train station/bus station and takes you to the place where you live, helps you with accomodation and tells you where to go shopping, where to withdraw money etc. It might happen that your buddy will not be avaible the day you arrive. In such case the buddy should find somebody to pick you up and do all these things. Afterwards, there are Orientation Days for all the incoming students, where we figure out all the papers and cards and bureaucracy together. During the semester it is up to you, whether you want to keep in touch with your buddy and attend events together or you just call him when you need a doctor.

Anyway, always bear in mind that a buddy is a volunteer helping you in his free time, not your nanny. You cannot call your buddy and say "Hey, I need to go to foreign police today, tomorrow is too late". Anything you need, please ask your buddy in advance so that he can arrange his own activities.

How to get a buddy?

Every incoming student of VŠB-TUO gets a buddy. If, for some reason, you have not been contacted by your Czech buddy about a month before your arrival, please contact your Faculty Buddy Coordinator.


I want to be a buddy!

Even foreign students can be buddies for the new incoming students. It might be even better for the newbies, as they will be led by a person who has already gone through the same situation. If you are a foreign student at VŠB-TUO and you want to become a buddy in the next semester, contact the Faculty Buddy Coordinator of your faculty).

But first of all, read the Code of Ethics of a Buddy - after you are sure you are not going to break these rules, feel free to become part of ESN :)


  • Takes his duty seriously and responsibly
  • Is a source of information and help for all international students
  • Provides introduction to local culture
  • Observes not to damage reputation of ESN VŠB-TUO and VŠB-TU Ostrava
  • Will not take advantage of foreign student's unawareness of local conditions to his own benefits
  • Will not misuse ESN members' or international students' contacts for commercial purposes