From time to time, we simply have too good ideas not to realize them, therefore we decide to organize something that cannot be filed into any of the regular events.

Breaking the Records

In Septeber 2012 for example, we decided to break the Czech National Record in Jumping on a Trampoline to celebrate 25 years of Erasmus - an event Jumping for Er25mus was extremely successful, ESC members and exchange students kept jumping for 25 hours straight, with no break and together with random passers-by who always stopped and stared what is going on there we made it and became a part of the Czech National Book of Records. Besides giving out information to students about exchange programmes and motivating them not to be afraid of studying abroad, it came out as a good place to spend a night at, as we were selling drink for the cheapest possible price.

Barbecue in the Name of the End of the World

Remember the time when all the world was going crazy because someone just misinterpreted the Mayan Calendar? We took it seriously and rather made a barbecue to enjoy one of the last days. Dressed up the way people did in the oldest days, each family (nation) prepared something - either Sangria or some meals, and we all gathered in the campus and enjoyed the way people should enjoy their lives.