Orientation Days

Orientation days are an event aimed to help new incoming students with paperwork and necessities required to solve after their arrival to university. It is highly recommended to attend this event, resolve everything in a bit organized way and with a help of Czech speakers since not all the officials speak English.


The ESN team helps you to fill in all the documents correctly and to arrange some necessary cards – the university card of VSB-TUO/ISIC, ODISka (public transportation), if needed a SIM Card and ESN card (discounts for foreign students in shops, pubs, airlines and ESN events). Also, if you are in need to create a Czech bank account, we will help you to arrange that.

You are presented to the important officials you will communicate during your stay with and introduced to the university, your faculty, dormitory and canteen system.

Last but not least you will also find out about the upcoming events during the semester, including some of the opportunities related to your studies​.


After arrival to a new country is it natural you do not know anyone. Meeting your new friends begins the moment you step out of your room. For the first few days there are some events prepared to help you to overcome the initial shyness – welcome party, faculty tours, Poruba tour, City Centre tour and much more.

Make sure you make it on time for your OD!


What to bring to the OD?

  1. Your passport or ID card.
  2. Documents required to be validated from your home university.
  3. Two passport-sized photographs.
  4. A pen and a notebook to make important notes.