Public Transport in the Czech Republic

Public transport is usually the best option to get around in the Czech Republic. The public transport network is really dense and pricing is very reasonable, if you are student under 26 it is really CHEAP. The most convieniet long distance connection is by trains. There are more operators (České dráhy - blue/white trains, RegioJet - yellow trains and Leo Express - black trains), so always be sure to have the right ticket. Some trains are seat reservation compulsory (RegioJet, LeoExpress, SC Pendolino, InterCity and some EuroCity trains). As for buses, there are FLIXBUS (ESNcard discount) connections as well as other long distance connections. It is reccomended to buy ticket online in advance. For regional buses, you buy the ticket from the driver. When buying a ticket, ask for a student discount (75%), but be sure to have your ISIC card with you (student ID is not valid, ISIC only!)


There is a national timetable database - IDOS, where you can find ALL buses, trains, trams, trolleybuses etc. that run through Ostrava, the Czech Republic and also the international connections. Both, public transport, trains and buses are included, so you can plan your journey "door-to-door". It is widely used in the Czech Republic and very reliable. Apps for mobile devices are available too.


Travelling by bus or by train within the Czech Republic is quite cheap compared to most other countries (Slovenia, Denmark, Spain etc.). The price of a ticket in CZK is about equal the amount of kilometres. Prague, for example, is about 350 km far from Ostrava and you usually pay around (or rather up to) 300 CZK, and to a village 30 km far from Ostrava you pay about 40 CZK.

Also students under 26 years old can use the student discount (incredible 75%) and it also apply to you! You need ISIC card (Czech or from your country). Isn't it great posibility to explore Czech Republic? :)

Public transport in Ostrava

Public transport in Ostrava is operated by Dopravní podnik Ostrava (DPO). A valid ticket is requried to ride the public transport vehicles (trams, buses, trolleybuses). You can buy the single ticket with your bank card (VISA, MasterCard) directly in the vehicle. Then your card holds the ticket. This ticket costs 24 CZK (0,90€) and it is valid for 45 minutes. If you get off in under 10 minutes of ride, tap your card when exiting the vehicle to pay only 16 CZK. When changeing for another tram/bus, tap your card again when entering the vehicle. The system will calculate the best price for you.

Credit single ticket (Kreditní jízdenka) can be bought at ticket machines. It is a plastic card with a certain ammount of money. It works the same way as the bank card. The ticket machine accepts CZK and EURO bank notes.

Another option is to buy a ticket through text message. It costs 30 CZK and it is valid for 70 minutes. It is just enough to write the text "DPO70" (DPO = letters, 70 = numbers) and send it to the number 902 30 (as you can read on every timetable board of tram/bus stop). Send it two minutes BEFORE getting on a tram/bus so that you get a text message with details of your ticket - you should not board the tram/bus before you receive it!

Or just tap&ride with your bank card! You can use your contactless card to buy a ticket on board.

Long-term ticket

For the long-term ticket, you need ODISka card. This is however not a problem, as it can be implemented as a part of your student ID or ISIC card (it costs 50 CZK more). You can also order physical ODISka card, which will cost you 130 or 300 CZK, depending on the time (up to 2 weeks, or 3 days respectively).

You need to have ODISka card in any form (as a part of ISIC card, on your bank card or separate ODISka card). This allows you to buy a long-term public transportation ticket valid within the Ostrava city area (zone 77). 

The public transport in Ostrava is very convenient as it consists of 3 kinds of transports – buses, trams and trolleybuses and goes frequently thru all day and also in longer intervals during the night. For long term fares are basically 3 options – 1-month, 3-months and 5-months ticket. The longer the cheaper. Your buddy will help you with buying the ticket and they will tell you all the important information.

The best option is to buy 5-month ticket (for semester, valid from september to january or from february to june) for just 553 Kč (around 20€).

There are other options for 30 days costing 249 CZK (around 10€), 90 days for 498 CZK (18€) or 1 year for 1 106 CZK (42€).

Please, always have a valid ticket and have a safe journey :)