First Level - Board members

The organization is led by a nine-membered Board, containing President, Vice-President, Local Representative, Fundraiser, Public Relations Responsible, Human Resources Manager, Event Coordinator, Treasurer and Knowledge Manager. At the moment, these functions are represented by:


Anton Husovský

+421 948 233 785

Vice President

Radek Chocholouš


Local Representative

Tomáš Schűhler



Věra Sikorová


Event Coordinator

Daniel Walczysko


Human Resources

Dan Plevák


PR Responsible

Bára Urbanovská

+420 605 422 782


David Blecha

+420 735 287 850

Knowledge Manager



Second Level - Supporters

Of course these functions often include more work than one person is able to do, therefore there is the second level that does a particular part of work: RISE Manager and FILLUP Manager are support to Event Coordinator, Faculty Buddy Coordinators to Human Resources Manager, IT Responsible to Knowledge Manager. See who is in charge of what at the second level:

RISE Manager

FILLUP Manager

SocialErasmus Coordinator

Veronika Lasotová

IT Responsible

Radek Chocholouš

Sport Manager Maria Bavykina

Buddy Coordinator for FMG  (HGF) 

Faculty of Mining and Geology

Denisa Cviklová

Buddy Coordinator for FME (FS) 

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

Jiří Machač

Buddy Coordinator for FE (EkF)

Faculty of Economics

Daniel Walczysko

Buddy Coordinator for FEECS (FEI) 

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Maria Bavykina

Buddy Coordinator for FCE (FAST) 

Faculty of Civil Engineering

Tereza Staňková

Buddy Coordinator for FSE (FBI)

Faculty of Safety Engineering

Lucie Valošková

Buddy Coordinator for FMME (FMMI)

Faculty of Metallurgy and Materials Engineering


Dan Plevák